Finding the Angle

When my son laments the five paragraph essay he was assigned in school today, I remind him of this simple fact: YOU have the power to make writing fun.   Or tragic.  Or racy.  (Okay, if you’re writing an essay for World Geography, you might want to steer away from racy.)  It’s possible to write … Read moreFinding the Angle

Three Disasters and an Ending

Forget all that stuff they tell you at Writing Conferences about character arc, point of view, and pacing. The REAL secret to writing a story that people want to read is this: Three disasters and an ending. Whenever I find myself struggling with a scene that isn’t up to snuff, I try to take a … Read moreThree Disasters and an Ending

Bestsellers, Broomsticks and Backpacks

Right up until the last chapter of the last book, I wanted to see Petunia Dursley come out of the closet — the Nimbus 2000 broom closet, that is.  I have this sneaking suspicion that she’s a witch, albeit a weak one.  There are numerous teasers in the life and times of Harry Potter that … Read moreBestsellers, Broomsticks and Backpacks