The Idiot’s Guide to Writer Workshops

As Joe Konrath loves to point out, “There’s a word for a writer who never gives up…published.” As an aspiring writer, everyone has something to tell you, some advice to give you, some secret to success, but I think Joe’s understated counsel is as good as it gets: Don’t give up. I have one more … Read moreThe Idiot’s Guide to Writer Workshops

Great Rules of Good Writing

If you google “manuscript formatting” or “writing guidelines,” you’ll get a plethora of suggestions on how to write and format your masterpiece.  If you listen to everyone who has an opinion, or even just to those who have an opinion and claim to be experts, you’ll end up writing pablum. Which may be great it … Read moreGreat Rules of Good Writing

It All Depends on your Point of View

If you ask me, first always beats third–unless you’re talking accident statistics or baseball.  It seems that I should add POV to my exceptions list.  Or not.  Writers, especially fiction writers, will recognize the acronym ‘POV’ right away, because they have to deal with it before they write away.  (Sorry, that pun was particularly wrong. … Read moreIt All Depends on your Point of View