It All Depends on your Point of View

If you ask me, first always beats third–unless you’re talking accident statistics or baseball.  It seems that I should add POV to my exceptions list.  Or not.  Writers, especially fiction writers, will recognize the acronym ‘POV’ right away, because they have to deal with it before they write away.  (Sorry, that pun was particularly wrong. … Read moreIt All Depends on your Point of View

Sex In Fiction

I was glancing through What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex, curious about topics I could toss into to my next novel, and apparently, there aren’t any.  This 200-page tome is blank.  After I stopped laughing, I spent a good five minutes kicking myself for not thinking of it first.  I haven’t checked the book’s … Read moreSex In Fiction

Rotten Rejections

I stumbled upon the following gems while attempting to gather statistics (via the internet) on what percentage of books get picked up by agents, but are never sold to publishers.  I have a novel currently on submission (via my agent Weronika Janczuk), and I was (somewhat morbidly) curious about just how bad my odds of … Read moreRotten Rejections