Rotten Rejections

I stumbled upon the following gems while attempting to gather statistics (via the internet) on what percentage of books get picked up by agents, but are never sold to publishers.  I have a novel currently on submission (via my agent Weronika Janczuk), and I was (somewhat morbidly) curious about just how bad my odds of … Read moreRotten Rejections

In Which a Lark Becomes a Monster

I don’t recall the exact date the baby monster apparated into my living room, but it was a number of years ago.  He was a small fluffy thing with big brown eyes and steel-blue down, and he made soft, deep signs when I wrapped my palms around him.  Back then, he was just a short story, really, and I couldn’t imagine him getting much bigger.  I was wrong. 

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About Query Shark Bait

Writing a novel is huge undertaking.  From coming up with ideas, to actually hooking a New York publishing contract, this may be a perilous journey you’d rather not take alone. If you’re considering such a trip (or already have open wounds and waning morale), perhaps my experience will provide a bit of welcome camaraderie — … Read moreAbout Query Shark Bait